Site Fees

Costs Associated with Holiday Home Ownership

Static Holiday Home Fees

1st March 2024 to 28th February 2025

Holiday Home Fee (12 month season strictly holiday use), inlcuding Rates, Water Rates and Sewerage Charges                              £4,300.25

Pitch fees are reviewed annually and notified to owners in December/January of each year for the following season.

Pitch fees are payable by one of the following methods:

  1. A single payment in advance on or before the 1st January preceding the season to which it relates.
  2. Six monthly payments by standing order. The first payment due on the 1st December preceding the season to which it relates and all payments completed by 1st May each year.
  3. Monthly payments by arrangement.

Electricity – Meter Supply

Electricity is supplied to the holiday home by a meter. Any units used are invoiced annually to the 31st October each year at the price paid to the electricity provider by the park.


We supply bottled gas for purchase on park. Please enquire at Reception.

Interest Charges

We ask that all payments are maintained up to date; an interest rate of 4% plus bank exchange rate will be added to all balances older than one complete month.


The Caravan Owner must ensure their holiday home as per section 4 of the Terms and Conditions with the sum insured for Property Owners Liability, Public and Employees Liability not to be less than £5,000,000.

Unless you use our Broker Compass Insurance you agree to provide proof of insurance by providing us with a copy of your insurance details each year and to pay us an annual fee of £35.00 for verifying the level of cover, maintaining administrative records, copying and invoicing.

Repairs and Replacements

Most types of repairs can be made or arranged – Please ask at Reception for details. We can also supply replacement of equipment. All invoices for repairs and replacement are due within 14 days of issue.

Additional Services

Gas Checks                                                                                                                         £60.00

(Subject to Contractor confirming 2022 cost)


Drain Down

In extreme weather, your van may require a drain down of the water system to prevent damage by freezing pipes. We offer this service at the following cost                                                                  £50.00


Optional Service (We do ask that all vans are washed at least annually to maintain a clean and presentable park)

Van wash, clear gutters (excluding roof) & liquid polish                                         £88.00 for wash, polish and clean gutters