About Us

Our Aim…

After moving into Lufflands in late 2017, we quickly settled into our new home and its beautiful surroundings in the middle of the Devonshire countryside. Having lived a few miles away it was not a huge move, we love Bude and the surrounding area and our location gives us the benefit of Bude and the stunning North Cornwall coastline in one direction as well as the beautiful Westward Ho, Bideford and Clovelly on the North Devon coast. You could say we have a perfectly located base where both Devon and Cornwall can be explored and then return to the peace, quiet and space of the open countryside at Lufflands. It truly is the best of both worlds!

Our environment is important to us, we love the spaces we have, the wildlife, the outlook, the pine trees all enclosing what is Lufflands Caravan Park. We are continually busy improving the spaces, with the planting of over 2000 bulbs each year, growing and planting on many shrubs, flowers, baskets and creating more shrub beds and areas that we hope will encourage bees, insects and wildlife to our park and create a place of much needed well-being to enhance the health benefits of guests who stay here – tranquility, peace and relaxation whilst you holiday or when you spend time in your holiday home or tourer.

Our Environment is important to us and we are constantly trying to improve it… it is an ongoing work in progress.

With that aim, we ask all our home owners and guests to help us by Recycling their waste as much as possible in the designated bins and compost bin to ensure we reduce costs as much as possible whilst contributing to lowering our carbon footprint.

Our Environmental Policy

At Lufflands, we are committed to the protection of our environment to preserve and maintain the beautiful surroundings that we are in for ourselves and for future generations. We strongly encourage all our Caravan Holiday Home Owners and hire accommodation guests to participate in and follow our recycling and park rules.

We do this by:

  • Ensuring we as owners and staff strive to ensure environmental protection methods are understood and used throughout the park.
  • Ensuring Waste Management is compulsory and aim to reduce water, energy and material consumption and waste generation through involvement of guests and staff.
  • By supporting the Campaign to reduce single use plastics to reduce plastics reaching our sea and coastline.

What we do:

Waste Management

  • Recycle all recyclable waste including glass, plastic, cans, brown cardboard, mixed paper & cardboard & food waste.
  • Compost all veg peelings, egg shells, fruit, toilet roll inserts, tea bags, grass cuttings and leaves to produce compost to use on park each year.
  • Use plastic bin liners sparingly and reuse where possible.

Enhancing the Environment & Sustainability

  • Increase planting; small hedgerows, bulbs, bee loving plants, evergreen shrubs and flowering plants to not only to enhance the environment to improve well-being but to encourage wildlife and birds to our park.
  • Collecting seeds and cuttings from previous years planting to use the following season.
  • Encouraging birds and wildlife by placing bird boxes and bug hotels around the park.
  • Growing our own plants, vegetables and fruits where possible to use on park; making us more sustainable for the future.
  • Use recyclable containers for all our food take-a-way containers.
  • Use paper/cardboard straws within our bar to reduce the use of single use plastics within our environment.

Cleaning & Upcycling

  • Exploring the use of natural cleaning products to reduce our reliance on non-environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Reuse furniture, items discarded for alternative uses on park or donate to worthy causes.


  • We try to conserve water by using water butts around park for watering vegetables and plants.
  • We ask guests to think about water use and reduce toilet flushing where possible, only boil amount of water you need, turn off taps when not in use and report any leaking taps and showers for repair.
  • Use LED low energy lighting in all areas where possible to reduce our energy usage and costs; we ask holiday home owners to replace bulbs when necessary for LED low energy bulbs too to conserve their energy levels and cost to themselves.
  • Use Solar lighting where possible around the park.


  • Use email rather than post where possible to reduce use of paper and costs