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Annual Pitch Agreement

Annual Pitch Agreement

Annual Pitches offer you the flexibility of using your touring caravan at any time throughout the year (maximum 48 weeks per year and strictly non-residential) on your own personal serviced pitch for Holiday Use. All pitches are on a gravel hard standing for caravan and awning which enables all season pitching whatever the weather.
Pitch Fees include:
• Unlimited holiday use of your caravan for 48 weeks per year – Strictly Holiday Use
• Individual water point connection & metered electricity point
• Gravel Hard standing for caravan and awning
• Free Hot Showers and water within our Amenity block
• Coin operated Laundry facilities on site

The Annual Pitch Fee for 2021 Season is £2,500 payable either in advance in full or by instalments as agreed.

The agreement runs annually from 1st March to 28th February when a new agreement can be taken up. Once entered into, the agreement is binding and the full year fees must be fulfilled.
(Electricity is an additional cost and is individually metered and charged quarterly at a standard tariff charge per unit).

Terms and Conditions of Use
1. Maximum occupation period is 48 weeks per year and is for holiday use only; strictly not residential.
2. A maximum of 6 persons are included within the Annual fee along with 2 other named families who may use your van as part of the agreement at no extra cost.
3. The van can be used for a maximum of 28 continuous days when a 3 day break will be needed before further occupancy.
4. The Annual Pitch agreement requires your caravan to remain pitched on site all year round for occupation by yourself and or the named families on the Agreement Form.
5. If you wish you may allow other persons (other than those named on your Agreement) to use your van subject to them paying half the current seasonal touring rates. You must inform us prior to use and we will happily quote you for their stay.
6. Lufflands Caravan Park must be notified 24 hrs in advance of your arrival or of anyone using your van for security reasons.
7. Lufflands Caravan Park cannot be held liable for any loss or damage to the van, awning or its contents; we can supply details of a reputable insurance company.
8. All weather Awnings can remain pitched throughout the year but we strongly advise removing all other awnings during winter season from 1st November due to incremental weather and winds. Lufflands Caravan Park cannot be held liable if any damage is caused through incremental weather or otherwise. Should damage occur, we will contact you to visit to attend to the damage at your earliest opportunity.
9. Storage under the van is not permitted whilst the van is unoccupied. We allow one storage container at the rear of the van but this must be on the gravel hard standing of your pitch.
10. We do not allow extra fixtures and fittings such as sheds, ornaments or flower pots etc on the pitches.
11. All vans must be kept clean and washed at least once per year. (We can offer this service for you at cost of £45.00 provided the awning is not in place when washing takes place).
12. We ask that you keep your pitch areas clean and tidy at all times.
13. Allocated recycling points are available on park; we ask all guests to maximise recycling and place all rubbish in the appropriate bins provided.
14. Electricity is charged and payable on a 6 monthly basis (if electricity payment is in arrears no further use will be allowed before settlement).
15. You may leave electricity connected between stays (to maintain fridges) if you are returning within 10 days.
16. We advise that you turn off your gas bottle when the van is not in occupation. Water must be turned off between stays.
17. The agreement is binding and once entered into customers are liable for all payments due during the year and are not able to terminate for the agreed annual period. If you decide to leave your pitch before the end of the year period, we reserve the right to offer the pitch for re-let.
18. Please inform us of any changes in personal contact details.

Lufflands Caravan Park reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time should it become necessary.

This agreement is made between Lufflands Caravan Park and:

I have read and understood the above Agreement and note the Terms and Conditions of Use. I agree to abide by the Lufflands Caravan Park Annual Pitch Agreement.

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(One copy signed and maintained by Park and one copy given to Customer)